Meet Liz

I am a Registered Nurse and Integrative Health Coach who provides healing and balance for women with chronic illness. I have successfully completed the nurse coach foundations course and practicum hours through the Integrative Nurse Coach Academy. Prior to nurse coaching, I have experience working in Emergency Medicine, Cardiology, GI, Home Infusion Nursing, and Pre-Operative Services. I am also a passionate nursing educator.

Living with chronic pain, fatigue, or other uncomfortable chronic symptoms can feel lonely. Navigating our healthcare system can be stressful. I am here for you, because I am you. I have struggled with endometriosis, immunodeficiency, and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and other chronic conditions, for most of my adult life. I understand the difficulty that women with chronic illness are faced with everyday. I have made it my mission to understand how to help others heal their hearts and emotions from within and to find peace and a balanced life. It is possible to live a fulfilling life while also being chronically ill.

When I am not working on nursing-related work, I like to be outdoors hiking or at the beach, spending time with my son and two dogs or recharging with a Netflix binge or some quiet meditation.

I believe in allowing clients to lead their sessions by exploring what goals they would like to set for their health. My role in this process is to guide, listen with empathy, and provide encouragement. You don’t need to walk through chronic illness alone. I am here to validate your experience and support you.

Please feel free to contact me below with any questions.

With kind regards,

Liz, RN, BSN

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American Holistic Nurse Association Member