Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about integrative health and wellness coaching and Chronic Nurse, PLLC.

What is integrative health and wellness coaching?

Integrative health and wellness coaching with an Integrative Nurse Coach was developed to support clients as a whole person. An Integrative Nurse Coach is trained based on various fundamental nursing theories to assist individuals (or groups) to discover and reach their full health potential. This is done through deep listening and guided goal setting. Principles of mind, spirit, body, emotion, and environment are all considered and incorporated into this process. 

Who do you work with?

I work with women with any type of chronic illness.

What happens during a session?

During our first session, I will develop a sense of your medical history and what you have tried so far to manage your disease state. If it is ok with you, we may dive into the effects your illness has had on your spiritual and mental wellbeing, looking at the whole person. During subsequent sessions, I will be present as an active listener to set goals to work towards your optimal health and then to re-evaluate how goals from past sessions are evolving. I am here not only to listen, but to provide suggestions, ideas, and to encourage you along the way. Sessions are always client led, meaning we will explore whatever topics or ideas you are comfortable with and wish to explore. Any suggestions I may offer are only encouraged if it is something you, the client, is interested in. 

Are sessions confidential?

Yes. As a registered nurse, I am bound by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). 

How can coaching help me live a more functional and happy life?

Coaching works in many ways utilizing a multitude of modalities to find your optimal physical and mental functioning. For example, a client with symptoms of arthritis may wish to increase her activity level. We can start by discussing what type of activities she enjoys and determine how to gradually and safely increase these levels. This not only improves her physical health, but developing an exercise routine assists her emotional wellbeing as well.

Another example is one that I see with many of my clients. A client is constantly stressed and anxious due to chronic illness as well as other stressors, and this exacerbates her symptoms. We can explore the components of pain and fatigue pacing, neuroplasticity, and what modalities can assist in managing chronic symptoms to avoid these flares and to decrease symptoms before they reach an escalated state.

What state do I need to live in to work with you?

I am licensed to work with residents of the following states:

Alabama - Arizona - Arkansas - Colorado - Deleware - Florida - Georgia - Idaho - Indiana - Iowa - Kansas - Kentucky - Louisiana - Maine - Massachusetts - Maryland - Missouri - Montana - Nebraska - New Hampshire - New Jersey - New Mexico - North Carolina - North Dakota- Oklahoma  - South Carolina - South Dakota - Tennessee - Texas - Utah - Vermont - Virginia - West Virginia - Wisconsin - Wyoming